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They trust Clean Boat


“Used it for the first time last weekend and I loved it.”
Instagram, grassman_keith
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“We at Kleen all boats have been experimenting with it we detail is excess of 900 vessels a year and remove some of our other cleaning products of the shelf and replace with clean boat it works as described and we are please. We are an award-winning detail company […]”
Instagram, kleenallboats
“Great product that I used for years in France! So happy I can now find it in the US!”
Facebook, Carole Mondet
“Before knowing about clean boat, we used to spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning products. To my surprise, Clean Boat worked on everything we tested it on […].
Thank you Clean Boat!”
Facebook, Fabian Arias - Adrenalizer Boats
“Brilliant! Like it!”
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“Hmm I wonder how good this really is ? I heard great stuff about your product !”
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“Love it!”
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